Ok so we have been using zimbra for almost a year now with AD authentication taking place to multiple domains. The other day I set up a squid server to authenticate to our AD server via ntlm and kerberos. Both firefox and IE would pass username and password to the server without user intervention. Rather than reinventing the wheel we wanted to see if anyone else has successfully gotten SSO to work with AD using samba.

We have a major client that uses exchange with outlook web access and SSO is a requirement for this migration. We have inhouse developer that has
ripped appart the zimbra toolkit and created a ajax site to map out the functions (He says its much better than the wiki). I am guessing we are going to have to perform a call to and parse output of ntlm_auth. To compete with exchange I would imagine SSO will be required in the future. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

SSO with squid and AD using NTLM