I'm migrating the e-mail server from aging Sun Enterprise /Solaris-8/sendmail to newer SunFire/CentOS/ZCS-7.1.3_GA.

The new system works quite well and stable during last 3 months, with exception of only one, but very important, to [not] be ignored, problem.

I seam to run into a weird issue; I can clearly understand its nature, but I never experienced it with Sendmail based servers - I have a large number of 3..5 year old Sun servers in our clusters, whose ILOM (management/monitoring) system sends alerts as "ilom-alert@" (address scrambled) thus resulting in getting this message in the log file:

Jan 23 22:10:20 myZimbraName postfix/smtpd[10195]: connect from sun01.scrambled.com[]
Jan 23 22:10:20 myZimbraName postfix/smtpd[10195]: warning: Illegal address syntax from sun01.scrambled.com[] in MAIL command: <ilom-alert@>
Jan 23 22:10:20 myZimbraName postfix/smtpd[10195]: disconnect from sun01.scrambled.com[]

Under Solaris/sendmail - I've never experienced the above problem; moreover - I've tried sending ILOM alerts from one of those servers to one of my lab/test servers' newly configured "sendmail" - still no problems.

Under Zimbra - I'm pulling my hair off during last 3 months trying all possible configuration "ideas" and hints to make ZCS allow those "invalid" addresses (anything in format "<from-name@IP-a.d.d.res>") - nothing helps.

Have anybody succeeded doing so? - I mean, allowing Zimbra to accept messages from "broken" hardware-based e-mail originators?

As a very, very stupid way around I've already tried my "backup" plan - configure all those servers' ILOM to send all alerts to some "lightly" loaded virtual server running CentOS / Sendmail whose only task was to accept the alert for delivery and then re-forward it to my main (ZCS) server (I've used "procmail" mechanism). Stupid, but works... it involves an additional and unwanted point of failure and delay though.

I'm totally open to reinstall, reconfigure or try anything less stupid that may allow receiving those ILOM alerts directly to my ZCS.