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Thread: How do I create a single company wide calendar ?

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    Default How do I create a single company wide calendar ?

    I have a Zimbra server running on version 6.0.14.

    Currently users have there own calendars that they share with one another but they would like to have one common calendar that could be shared between all users without having to share calendars with every other user.

    Is it possible to create a common calendar that would share all the information from all users ? There are approx 20 users that I would like to share their calendar with a common calendar and then subscribe to this single calendar to see all the other users calendars. Is this possible ?

    What procedure do I follow to set this up ?


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    I'd love to see an answer to this as we're migrating from Google Apps which easily lets users see each other's calendars as if it were one.

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    I don't think you have to share with each individual user - believe you can share with a distribution list that includes each user, and that would be enough. However, I think each users would need to add each other person's "shared calendar" to be able to see everything. Alternatively, use the new "Free-Busy" view and add all the users (but that is just a day-to-day snapshot"). (Free-Busy calendar view might be a Zimbra 7 only thing, dunno)
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