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Thread: Zimbra to Zimbra migration - Filtes, shares, admin auto-fw, user auto-fw etc

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    Default Zimbra to Zimbra migration - Filtes, shares, admin auto-fw, user auto-fw etc


    we are migrating data from 5.0.26 to 7.1.4. Unfortunately, our infrastructure does not allow for us to risk updating on the fly to version 6.0.8 and then use the zmztoz tool, for reasons of uptime.

    So we have to go the custom way. I've scripted everything to carry from one installation to the other using the zmmailbox and zmmprov tools (imap sync is not the issue here).

    The problem is that when exporting, for instance, filters, using either the long procedure (scripted zmmailbox for each account) or the short procedure

    for i in `zmprov sa '((zimbraMailSieveScript=*)(objectClass=zimbraAccount))'`; do zmprov ga $i uid zimbraMailSieveScript; done
    to create an output to import from, there is a huge problem where the characters are not latin, in my case greek.

    The output strings are not readable and, as such, not importable...

    The same is true for mailbox shares, if the folder names are not all latin or numeric.

    Is there a way to fetch those pieces of data in a way that they would be readable?
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    Why don't you follow one of the many forum threads or the certified wiki article on moving zimbra from one server to another?
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    Thank you Bill for your reply... I don't know how many hours I've been seated searching and reading articles about migration, but somehow I missed that one...

    Platform and OS Independent ZCS to ZCS Migration Using Rsync - Zimbra :: Wiki

    So, you have been more helpful than you could have wished to be.... Thanks again.

    But again, for any other use that may come forth and to satisfy my natural curiosity, is there another way, utf-8 friendly, to fetch the pieces of data I asked in my first post?

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