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Thread: Calendar Item shows as accepted even though Resource Calendar declined it

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    Default Calendar Item shows as accepted even though Resource Calendar declined it

    I'm trying to use Zimbra for Scheduling Conference Rooms in my office. I'm facing a few issues. First off, if I create an appointment and add the resource to my Location box, the appointment doesn't show up in the Resource's calendar. Instead, I have to add it to the attendee list for it to show up on the Resource's Calendar.
    If there is a conflict, the Resource automatically declines the appointment and it shows as such in the Resource Calendar. But in the user's calendar, the appointment still shows as accepted. How does the user know if the resource has accepted or denied the appointment if I'm only using the calendar feature of Zimbra and not the mail.

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    I too am facing the same behavior. I have created a Resource Calendar (for my conference room) in Zimbra-8 and when two separate users try to book the same time slots for two different meeting, both users get notification that "Accepted" from the Resource Calendar. Ideally, the free slot booked by the first user only should be accepted and when second user requests the same resource, it should get "rejected".

    On opening the Resource Calendar directly, both the requests appear side by side. How can this be addressed?

    Kindly help

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