Dear All,

I have been running zimbra OSE 7.1.1 and its a working fine for the past couple of months .. its a grt product.
I running it as a VM under xen .

now I am just wanting to have a backup since our users have become dependent.

I know there is no high avalibity avaliable is the OSE but atleast I would like to have the data copied.

so since its a Guest VM I copied the file to another of my server and just as a test stopped my original VM and started the copied VM and evrything works grt and is perfectly acceptable

but the time it takes to copy the file from one machine to another takes about close to 1 hr

i use scp to copy

I was googling around to find some other way and i fould thart only the zimbra folder can be copied and I tried that but when I use scp to copy I find some directories dont get copied and also it took abt 50 min.

can anybody share some ideas how best I could achieve this in minimal time

appreciate your kind help