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Thread: Mailbox server selection criteria

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    Default Mailbox server selection criteria

    We a testing multi-server configuration of Zimbra OSE. We have 2 mailbox servers and separate proxy. When I created accounts, all of them was created only on first mailbox server (i mean in second mail store). So I'm intrested if there any way to select on witch server account will be created? Or is there any method to move account to another server?

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    Yes, you can specify which mailbox server accounts are created on. It's a drop-down option in the web console.

    zmmailboxmove is not available in the OSE edition. But you can export the account and import it into a new account on the other server (see ZCS-to-ZCS migrations)

    Kind of disappointed that phoenix gave you a completely inaccurate response.
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    Krishopper thank you very much! You really solve my problem

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