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Thread: remove hostname from FQDN

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    Default [SOLVED] remove hostname from FQDN


    My outoing mail's is goin' out with the hostname appended to domain name...

    For example:

    Is there a way to "fix" this??

    Last edited by gilbertonunes36; 02-07-2012 at 11:35 AM. Reason: I solved this problem with this command line: zmprov ma zimbraMailCanonicalAddress

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    Your solution isn't the correct method to 'fix' this problem. You should have set the correct domain name when you were asked to change it during the initial install. What you should do is rename the domain to set the correct domain name, search the forums for details on how to do this or read the wiki article on the subject.

    BTW, you might want to see the following bug report on why your 'solution' won't work long term.
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    Hi Bill... Thanks for replay...
    I try to do this but, when I try to install with sort hostname, the installer show an error regarding DNS hostname... So, I am unable to install zimbra without FQDN...
    My solution is dirt I know that.... But work fine for me...


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