Hi All,

I have installed Zimbra Community Edition to support multiple domains. It is a single server setup. I had few question so would appreciate if someone would guide me/assist me. Thanks in advance.

(1) DNS
We have a typical Firewall/NAT Environment so the zimbra server has an internal IP and an external IP. We have configured the server so that when it tries to resolve its own name, it always gets the internal IP. I think this is what is required anyway.
(2) MX Pointers for domains
For Each domain (ex: domain1.com), within the domainís DNS, we setup an MX entry with priority 0, host Ď@í pointing to mail.domain1.com. Then setup an A entry of mail.domian1.com to point to zimbra serverís external IP address. Is this ok? Also, we setup a reverse DNS pointer within the domain1.comís DNS so that the external IP address of zimbra server points to mail.domain1.com.

(1) Currently, our users type the external ip address of the zimbra server to pick up their emails via the zimbra web client. We want that they should be able to type mail.domain1.com (mail.domain2.com ...) and get the zimbra client login page but this is not happening...any idea if this is possible? Just to add, mail.domain1.com, mail.domain2.com etc all point to the Zimbra Serverís External IP Address
(2) Is there a way to force clientís web access over SSL?
(3) Finally, reverse DNS lookup... As explained above, for each domain, we have a reverse pointer of zimbraís external IP address pointing at mail.domainx.com, so if we have 3 domains, we would have 3 entries

External IP -> mail.domain1.com (within domain1ís DNS)
External IP -> mail.domain2.com (within domain2ís DNS)
External IP -> mail.domain3.com (within domain3ís DNS)

I believe the reverse DNS entries are sometime required by some email servers as a security check to establish the IP/DNS of the sending server, would the above setup work as a reverse lookup for Zimbra Serverís external IP is going to give 3 values back..

Once again thanks a lot for taking time to read this post