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Thread: zmprov incredibly slow

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    Default zmprov incredibly slow

    I want to disable all users OutOfOffice-replies but backup their original settings.

    So what I do for each user:
    I run "zmprov ga" to query their actual state and then I run "zmprov ma" to disable OOO.

    zmprov -l gaa | sort | while read i; do echo -n "$i:"; zmprov ga "$i" | grep zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeReplyEnabled || echo; zmprov ma "$i" zimbraPref
    OutOfOfficeReplyEnabled FALSE; done
    I've 207 users on my system and the above code takes approx. 30minutes. WOW !!! This is really really slow.

    Any way to make things faster? To query directly from ldap or mysql? Why is it so slow?

    Thnx for your ideas,
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    It's so slow because every time you execute zmprov, it loads a java application that preforms the changes.

    The only way to make it faster would be to create a script that connects to the SOAP API to connect to the server directly and loop through all of the users that way.
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    Thnx for your answer. It makes sense what you say, but I dont have any clue how to achieve what you suggest without writing my own libraries.

    I was looking for perl-modules to achieve what I want, but there is no documented perl-module (despite Login and manipulate Zimbra account with Perl - Zimbra :: Wiki which is for working with calendars).

    There are undocumented perlmodules and example-scripts at Repository - [zimbra] Index of /trunk/ZimbraServer/src/perl/soap but despite a few hours effort I couldnt get any of them to work. I'm afraid they are all very out-of-date and are not compatible with current SOAP-API.

    This is unfortunate and I wonder how different admins deal with such problems than mine. I guess that scripting with zimbra is important to other people too.

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