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Thread: How to make class of service change take effect

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    Default How to make class of service change take effect

    I have just realized that all of my users were set to use plain text.

    I changed the preference in the default class of service so that the default mail format is HTML.

    I would expect that the Zimbra webmail and Zimbra desktop clients would all get changed so that when they generate a new message, it is by default HTML format.

    This is not happening.

    Is there some command line command I need to do to push this change out?

    Are there any other considerations I need to take into account?

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    As long as the user is underneath that CoS, it should be effective, except if the user has an overridden value in their account.

    If they set the config value locally, it will override what is in the CoS. You can go through and run a "zmprov modifyAccount" against each user to reset it to inherit the CoS value.
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