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    I'm trying to make some form of "SendAs" work for me. (Quick aside, for those of you still looking for how: what you're looking for primarily is the "persona" setup in the preferences->accounts in the user's interface. To get another users address to show up in the drop-down, you can use a CLI command to create multiples of the same alias or just add the desired "sendas" address into the delegate's "sending mail" section of the "preferences" tab on the admin interface.)

    What I don't like is that the sent mail is not recorded in the delegator's sent mail. The option for it to also be saved in the delegate's "sent" seems ok, but silly in that it is not a question of "where" it's saved, but if. At the very least, one would think, we'd *always* want it saved *somewhere*. Why would you want the message not recorded at all?? (Especially in the context of masquerading.) The most logical thing to me would be to have that "Save in sent" checkbox switch who's account the sent mail is saved in. Not "sender" or "nowhere". Seems the only way the delegator can see what's going on is for the sender to include the delegator's address in the to/cc/bcc (in essence, sending to himself, being that the message is being "sent as"). That being the case, does anyone know of a bug already filed requesting a method for saving "sent as" messages in the "sent as" account's "sent"? I've looked myself already a few times, but as I've just demonstrated in the previous sentence, this isn't the easiest of issues to describe--so maybe I've missed it.
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