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Thread: Renaming servers(but not accounts)in multi-server install

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    Default [Solved] Renaming servers(but not accounts)in multi-server install

    Good day to you all.

    I'm sort of in a weird spot in that... the pilot/lab for my companies Zimbra installation is also now a production environment.

    There are three servers (LDAP, mailbox store, and MTA), all within

    there are active accounts all with as their domain.

    Additional servers were added (LDAP slave, more mailbox stores, Proxy...) with

    For future administration purposes we would like to rename all of the servers to (mainly for SSL purposes) while keeping all user information intact.

    My search-fu isn't very strong but what I seem to have pieced together is that I should start with the LDAP server renaming, then the mailbox store and finally the MTA. (following ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki)

    The question here is... what is the flag -skipusers ... this seems of interest in my situation.

    I also considered just promoting an LDAP slave in domainB to the master instead of trying to rename the master... would this be the safer bet?

    When it comes down to it I'm not terribly worried about any of the servers currently within only (3 total) as they are the ones in production, not domainB.

    If I can safely get those renamed then I think everything else should fall into place. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
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    This is what worked for me for 7.1.3:
    The solution was to use zmsetservername.
    zmsetservername -s to skip users and just rename the server. On mailboxstores there are a couple attribute values that tie an account to a specific mailbox. (zmprov ga zimbraMailHost zimbraMailTransport) So doing the server rename in two steps is the safe way to do it.

    1) Ensure the new server names are valid DNS entries
    2) zmsetservername -s -o -v -n [skip users]
    3) do OS based renaming.. change hostname, /etc/hosts etc
    4) check all servers and ensure ldap_url is configured properly (if you renamed any ldap servers) zmlocalconfig -e ldap_url="ldap://new.ldap.slave:389 ldap://new.ldap.master:389"
    5) generate new self signed SSL certs.

    *** verify that all the above went smoothly. Services start successfully. zmprov commands work as expected. No bad things in /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log

    6) if all of that goes well and services start alright then run "zmsetservername -u -o -v -n" to change the user database to point accounts to the new mailbox store. (ldap must be running for this to work)

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