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Thread: Administrator Stats & Daily Reports Not Working

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    Default Administrator Stats & Daily Reports Not Working

    I am having a weird problem with statistics and daily reporting. I assume before are related to the same cause so I will focus on the statistic.

    The Message Count, Message Volume, Anti-Spam, and Disk statistic are empty, and have been since December of last year. They were working just fine prior to December of 2011.

    Here is what I can tell you:

    1. All services are listed as running under the administrator web console.
    2. A "zmcontrol status" list all services running.
    3. A quick look in the "zmstat" directory shows folders dating back to december with non-zero files in them. There is even one for today 2012-02-17 with files in it.
    4. I ran a "zmdailyreport -m". This didn't report any errors but no email(s) showed up.
    5. The email server is sending & receiving emails just fine.
    6. A "zmfixperms" was ran and the server was restarted.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

    Chris Cline

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    Check the sshd_config file on your ssh server on that box and see if there's an "AllowUsers" line in it. If so, the 'zimbra' user needs to be listed on it (it's a space-separated list of usernames). If there's either no "AllowUsers" line, or there is and zimbra is already on it, then the following commands will regenerate and redistribute zimbra's ssh keys to make sure they're all in sync:

    As the zimbra user, on each of your servers:

    After that's been run on all of them, run this on all of them:


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