I'm using Zimbra version: zcs-5.0.16_GA_2921.RHEL5.20090429052155

I know it's very old but the system it's on is very old and a home server so am not that inclined at the moment to upgrade YET!!! without newer resources which are in the pipeline :-)

My issue is that if I send an email from one account on my Zimbra server to another account on my Zimbra server the From: address name on the mail client is shown as the recipient name.

In a nutshell:

User A: John Doe <sender>
User B: Alice Springs <recipient>

John Doe sends email to Alice Springs from client (Alpine or Thunderbird)
Alice Springs recieves email from John Doe email address but name as Alice Springs

This I can't work out..........

I have setup both email addresses properly and aliased them accordingly so as of this example:

Address A: John.Doe@haven.domain.com
Address B: Alice.Springs@haven.domain.com

With aliases going to:


Also the names of each individual have been put in to the correlating accounts.

I don't understand why this is happening!!

That From: gets shown as Alice Springs while it should be John Doe???

What have I messed up in the process and how can I fix this???

P.s. sorry for going the long way around explaining as it's quite difficult to articulate a summary of the situation as confusion is easy.