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Thread: Message-triggered server commands(?)

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    Default Message-triggered server commands(?)

    Hello community,

    I have been searching the forums and wiki, but I have not found something of the kind, so I bring it up as a suggestion.

    I was wandering if it could be possible for users not using the web-client to have some info concerning their account, such as Quota usage and other stuff.

    For instance, I was thinking something like that:
    Sending a message to or would produce a server command and a reply message that would notify the user of the aforementioned info.

    I realize that this could trigger DOS attacks, but these can be avoided if there's a rule induced that limits accepting such messages from server accounts only, and to only one per hour (or so) for any account.

    I apologize if such a possibility already exists and I have missed it. If this is the case, could anyone kindly post a link to the thread?

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    Ah i dont think so something like this exists.

    I also doubt it would ever be - this is jsut very old fashion maillinglist server style - and come on be honest anyone outside the IT (i mean regular users) never be able to use such a feature in reality

    better make suggestion which features users want/need and let em make it within the WebUI
    thats way easier to implement

    Also DOS is not the only concern - also a possible new security hole would be.

    if you really need something like this you could do it on your own
    and i dont think it would be that hard to do

    all you need is a recieving account and a script which reads in new mails there and processes

    to process you could either use the cli interface or the soap interface
    in both cases you can use any language running on a cli/as a cron script including php, bash, and so on

    hell im thinking about you can do this in a bashscript for shure

    but again - i would not do it

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I was having second thoughts too...

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