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Thread: Shared Contacts 'Slow'

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    Default Shared Contacts 'Slow'

    We currently use Exchange/Outlook.

    I'm looking at alternatives and I currently playing with Zimbra (Would be network edition when Ubuntu supported).

    With our current setup we have a 'public contacts' with around 1600 entries. Now the way I have set this up with Zimbra was to import the contacts into my account and then share it.
    If I log into my account using the web client navigating through the contact is fine I click on a letter and those contacts beginning with that letter appear almost instantly.
    However if I log into a test account that I have shared the contacts with and do the same, there is around a seven second delay before the results appear.

    My question is is this normal? Can anything be done to speed it up?



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    This is a result of the rather inefficient way the alphabet filter is implemented right now -- there's actually a bug on it (8439) which I expect will get fixed in the next release (or worst-case one after that).

    Sorry there's not an immediate answer, but help is on the way.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    Ok great.

    Thanks for the reply Tim

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