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Thread: Anti-spam ineffective?

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    Default Anti-spam ineffective?

    Now that I finally have antispam working on my system, I have been training it daily from my spam folder. Yet I keep seeing the same spam coming to my inbox. A lot of the ones I have noticed (though by no means the only ones) seem to be day trader ones (subject is its me, <name> and body talks about hot stocks blah blah blah). I have marked about 30 of them today as spam and run zmtrainsa on my junk folder, and yet I still receive them in my inbox.

    My kill and tag percentages are still at 75/33, but those should be sufficient, right? Is it just that my spam filters need more training? I just ran zmtrainsa on my junk folder with 66 messages, but it learned from one message out of those 66. There seems to be a disconnect between what SA is learning and what it is allowing to my inbox.

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