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Thread: Tutorial: Adding Warning/Disclosure message to the Login Screen of the Webconsole

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    Default Tutorial: Adding Warning/Disclosure message to the Login Screen of the Webconsole

    Just figured Id share some info for those companies who have/need to put a disclosure on all systems informing users of monitoring and unauthorized access, etc.

    SSH to your mailstore, su to zimbra user

    vi /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/messages/,

    Your variable is clientLoginNotice, the text is in html format.

    Here is my example:
    clientLoginNotice = <p><span style="color:red"><b>UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS IS PROHIBITED</b></span></p>\
    This system is for the use of authorized users only. Company resources, including computers, communications equipment, and associated devices (e.g., internet, electronic mail, voice mail, copiers, facsimile machines) are to be used for company business purposes. Personal use of Company resources is permitted if it is incidental to the employee's workday, does not occur during chargeable work-time, is of limited and reasonable duration and frequency, and does not interfere with or adversely affect the user's or another employee's job performance or other operational requirements. Use of these systems constitutes acknowledgement and consent to company monitoring of these systems. Unauthorized release of classified or controlled unclassified information while using these systems, such as release of information requiring an export license, constitutes a security violation. Employees must report security violations and improper use of Company resources to the Security Department.

    save your changes
    and restart zmmailboxd (zmmailboxdctl stop && zmmailboxdctl start)
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