Hello, looked around and couldn't find any info on this.

What i want to do: I want to add the proxy server role to an existing 7.1.4. I couldnt find any documentation on it
why I want to do it: I want to give authenticated users access to our intranet behind zimbra while they're out of the office
current situation: single server zimbra running 7.1.4, was upgraded only 2 days ago from last stable v6.

I can see 2 different ways to go about it. 1 is to add the rpm package from the "packages" directory, 2 is to run the installer once again.
I tried 2, however I quit before doing any changes because it prompted me to upgrade from 7.1.4 to 7.1.4, I chickened out and stopped it.
Should I use method 1 or 2? I want to do this the proper, safe way.

I will not be using any of the other proxies, just the http.