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Thread: Mail Purge Unable to Stop

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    Default (SOLVED)Mail Purge Unable to Stop

    Hai, Everyone

    I have been using zimbra for almost 2 months now. during my initial set up i have set a retention policy on my zimbra box using zimbra the internal command i know it was 45 days which i set, Problem is its 45 days and i am loosing mail not just 45 old mail everything in inbox already i lost around 1604 mails, So i disabled purging by setting Sleep time between subsequent mailbox purges to zero.

    I changed the cos settings to 1024 and enabled the Sleep time between subsequent mailbox purges to 5 min it starts purging mails(latest and old in inbox(trash spam Sent are ok).

    zmprov ga |grep -i life
    zimbraAdminAuthTokenLifetime: 12h
    zimbraAuthTokenLifetime: 2d
    zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime: 30d
    zimbraMailMessageLifetime: 1024d
    zimbraMailSpamLifetime: 30d
    zimbraMailTrashLifetime: 30d
    zimbraPasswordLockoutFailureLifetime: 1h
    zimbraPrefInboxReadLifetime: 0
    zimbraPrefInboxUnreadLifetime: 0
    zimbraPrefJunkLifetime: 0
    zimbraPrefSentLifetime: 0
    zimbraPrefTrashLifetime: 0
    Which seems fine..

    Date in the Server is
    Mon Feb 27 00:01:16 PST 2012
    It looks like i have set something in global level which is not being detected by GUI. Anyone can help me on this. I searched the forum for 4 hours now i just cant find the thread which gave me that option.

    If any more info needed please let me know..
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    And it look like only some some account was affected.. I re-enabled purge, Monitored for one hour it seems to work fine for now,(still monitoring).

    Only inbox mail is getting deleted i had 4 users who had the same problem today inbox completly wiped Spam Trash Sent all intact. The inbox retention policy is set to 0 so i know there is no problem there. I reindexd again no dice. ...

    I didn't have any backup.. So its really bad of me.. And mails are important.. I went through all the configuration i could find again non says anything about purge on 45 days again if it said like that it should not clean the whole inbox..

    I find some post which indox getting wiped... But there is no answer to this post. If any pointer on how to prevent it from happening will be great.. Also any insight on why is this happening will be great..

    I just migrated to zimbra from a lagacy postfix server. It would be hell for me to migrate to another solution.

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    I am closing this thread.. I found out what was causing the problem. I had implemented a new DHCP server.. the dhcp client time was out of sync..

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