I have my GAL Synch setup as External. I'm using an Active Directory LDAP synch and I'm able to pull all of my user data in. By user data, I mean Active Diretory phone number, address, department, etc.

Now, I want to create some Zimbra distribution lists, but when I add them in the Zimbra web administration panel, I don't see them.

I figured out that I need to set my GAL synch configuration to Both instead of External.

When I do this, my Zimbra distribution lists show up, but then all of my user have duplicate entries.

The duplicate entries are the basic ones in Zimbra that don't have any contact details, and the one that is pulled in from the External LDAP query from Active Directory which contains all of their contact details (phone, address, mobile, department, title, etc.)

How can I either not show the duplicates yet still get the zimbra distribution lists, or put the distribution lists in Active Directory.

Basically, the reason I want to add the lists/groups is so that I can share an external address book (shared contacts) with all users in the company.

Thanks in advance for any help