I have just installed the Zimbra Patch zcs-patch-7.1.4_GA_2568.tgz, after I have luckily noticed that my previous downloaded patch zcs-patch-7.1.4_GA_2567.tgz is out of date.

I have downloaded the patch directly after I have read about it and the have gotten the 2567 version. Why is there no announcement of the update?

You can still download the old version from http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/7....4_GA_2567.tgz

And why is the Zimbra Support Portal (Zimbra Support Portal) not update to date? There is no entry about the patch for 7.1.4 at all.

We pay a lot of money to Zimbra (VMware) to get a good product and also good and reliable support (and in the near furture we will pay even more, after VMware have changed the terms for active sync and force customer to buy Proffessional Edition licenses. Hopefully it will be possible to upgrade our current licenses).