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Thread: WARNs in zimbra.log

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    Default WARNs in zimbra.log

    While I'm sending a receiving mail without issue, I keep seeing errors in the zimbra.log file.

    amavis[30310]: (30310-10) lookup_ldap_attr(amavisspamkilllevel) (WARN: no such attribute in LDAP entry), "XXX@XXX.XXX" result=undef
    amavis[30310]: (30310-10) lookup_ldap_attr(amavisspamtaglevel) (WARN: no such attribute in LDAP entry), "XXX@XXX.XXX" result=undef
    amavis[30310]: (30310-10) lookup_ldap_attr(amavisspamtag2level) (WARN: no such attribute in LDAP entry), "XXX@XXX.XXX" result=undef

    Based on the message, these are (possible?) messages for user based levels of spamassassin results?

    Are there defaults?

    Where do you set the default?

    Where do you set user based? (if available)

    I did a search, but turned up 0 results


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    We've not documented the various LDAP attrs for Amavis yet. Best bet would be to google the attribute name or check out the documentation on the Amavis site.

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