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Thread: Subdomain problem in zimbra

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    Default Subdomain problem in zimbra

    Good afternoon, I have a zimbra mail server, I needed to create subdomains only problem I'm having

    scenario as below:

    New Sub-domains

    [root@fw conf]# cat
    $TTL 86400
    @ IN SOA administrator. (
    2011091959 ; Serial
    3600 ; Refresh
    1800 ; Retry
    604800 ; Expire
    3600 ) ; Minimum

    @ NS
    @ NS
    IN MX 10
    IN TXT "v=spf1 mx"

    fw A
    lnxmail A
    joaodebarro A

    @ IN MX 5
    lnxmail IN A

    @ IN MX 5
    lnxmail IN A

    [root@fw conf]# cat
    ; Database file for zone.
    $TTL 3h
    $ORIGIN . IN SOA (
    1h )

    IN NS
    IN NS

    10 IN PTR

    Signed up more than one domain in Zimbra

    Domain Name =
    Public name of the computer service:

    I created the User with email guy and put a name alternatico

    This User sends mail to GMAIL and gets back usually did the same procedure described above for the sub-domain =
    I created an email

    it sends the email to GMAIL more response from the mail does not come back as an error and not for gmail,

    Could you help me guiding me in what I am missing to solve this problem.

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    I think your MX records for subdomains are wrong.
    They should be something like: IN MX 5 IN MX 5

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