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Thread: No items in delegated admin console

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    Default No items in delegated admin console


    I created a delegated admin account for one of my domains (zmprov ca user_name@domain.tld password zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount TRUE) and picked some right that made sense to me (like createAccount, viewAccountAdminUI etc).

    This user can now log into admin console however it has no items, no tabs in it. So presumably I need to grant some rights in order for the tabs to show up. Which ones though?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated

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    I had to go with these steps:

    zmprov ma zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount TRUE
    Grant them permission for various necessary views

    zmprov ma zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents domainListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents accountListView  zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents DLListView
    Grant roles per domain

    zmprov grr domain usr domainAdminRights
    View roles

    zmprov ga  | grep -i view

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