Hey Folks,

here is my scenario and need your expert comments how can I update user mailboxes to recent and sync?

Few days back we have deployed ZCS 7.1.3 on other server and put that server in production since our main prod server was not procured at that time. this was in network for around month or so. When we received our main server we have moved the zimbra on new server and then that server went into production which stayed there for arnd 15 days or so. Now Due to some flaky hardware issue we unfortunately had to remove the server from network and again switched back to old server.

Now as you see the mails were distributed on these two servers and now the issue is since the Hardware issue has been rectified we are gonna reinstall the entire server on new production server and migrate the configuration from old server.

I would like to know how can I add or move only mails from the second faulty server to new one?

Here is glimpse for you guys

Test Server -- Installed and put in network for arnd 1 month
Prod server -- Magrated from Test Server and was in network for arnd 15 days. After hardware issue on it. we again switched back to Test server
New/Replaced server -: Moved from Test server.

question is - how can I move mails from prod server to New/Replaced server?