I'm using Zimbra CS 7.1.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.

I've setup my Zimbra GAL to be accessible via anonymous LDAP queries.

I've gone into my Outlook clients, and added an LDAP directory server. I've left the search base as default with no credentials, default port, etc.

When addressing a new message in the TO: field, I can search for david and click ctrl-k (or click on the Check Name ribbon button) and the full name/email address is filled in from Zimbra GAL.

This works fine if:
A) The user does not have a local contacts address book entry for the person they are searching for.

If they already have a user name David, the GAL option is not given as an alternative.

When clicking on the Address Book button in the main Outlook Ribbon, and search the zimbra ldap. If I search the Display Name field for "David" no search results are shown.

HOWEVER, if I click Advanced Search and put David in the First name field, and click Go, My GAL entry appears.

Why does this not work with display name?

If I have searched for David previously, or used CTRL-K (Check Names) on David and then go to the Address Book and search for David using the Display name is does work sometimes. Why is it intermittent. It's almost useless for our users because it is not stable in the way it works.

I have tried putting a custom search base in, and that does not do anything.

I'm testing with Outlook 2010.