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Thread: Zimbra AD authentication

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    Default Zimbra AD authentication


    I have a question regarding Zimbra an dactive directory integration.

    I added a domain TEST.DE and set authentication to Active Directory server.
    The AD Domain is
    Now the question:

    The Zimbra user is
    while the AD username ist just doe.

    Is it possible to log in with username doe and AD password and that the user is recognised as

    in my tests it is needed to login with "john.doe" while the zimbra name is john.doe.

    I hope you can understand my problem.

    Is there a solution?!

    Thank you

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    Take a look on zimbraAuthLdapExternalDn account property!

    It was exposed in Admin Console since Zimbra 7 (see this bug)

    My 2 cents.
    Federico Bertola
    CTO @ StudioStorti

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