Hi all...

Few days ago my server hd went to hell. since that I spent many hours trying to get my configuration back again.

In my previous configuration both /opt/zimbra/storage and /opt/zimbra/backup
was empty because I configured to store the information in two different physical hard drives.

So then,
Zimbra -> sda1
Storage -> sdb1 trough /mnt/msrvrstorage
Backup -> sdc1 trough /mnt/msrvrbackup

To do this, I did not made symlinks, I just configured trough the admin console the proper volumes pointing to mounted drives. Everything was "hunky-dory" these days

Now, once the Zimbra hd has gone, I need to get my mailboxes back. I ran zmrestoreoffline but it does not make as I expected. zmrestoreoffline is storing the mailboxes on /opt/zimbra/storage rather /mnt/msrvrstorage. Even worst, zmrestoreoffline got back the information just for few accounts, the rest has been created and are able to receive mail but does not contain any information.

Surely I'm doing something wrong...I followed up the line the instructions for Disaster Recovery. I don't understand how the zmrestoreoffline determines where to store the information, maybe that's my error, say, I'm supposing zmrestoreoffline determines where to put each mailbox based on its previous configuration.

What do you think is going wrong with this?

Thanks a lot for any help you can give me!.