I'm looking to implement a backup scheme to suit a particular use, comments or ideas are welcome.

We've got many domains on our system and a few TB of data and are currently using the auto grouped backups for all of our users. A full system backup would take more than 18 hours.
Auto grouped works great for our internal use, restoring "lost" user data and the likes, however, we would like to make separate, distinct backups for select domains. Auto Grouped backups don't support this, it seems to be either an all or nothing approach.

So far, what we've come up with is:

Once a week, full backup run for all accounts in Select domains.
When this backup has completed, kick off an Auto Grouped backup of the entire system.

All other days of the week, Run an incremental for all accounts in the select domains, then kick off the grouped backup afterwards.

From what I understand, the grouped backups will not include the accounts from the select domains, due to them not matching the requirements needed for auto-grouping to work. (incremental taken more than a day ago, full backup less than a week ago)

What I want to avoid is having multiple copies of the same backup data, or a total re-write of the backup methodology (though I will admit, it may be necessary)


7.1.4 network edition