I'm new to zimbra and just need to be pointed in the right direction ... what's the best approach to take an existing zimbra installation and move it to a new server (assuming same arch and underlying OS)? Install the same version and restore with zmrestore? Install same version and dump the old zimbra over the new one? Configure separately and restore mailboxes individually? Will the license work on both temporarily?

My current test plan is to get a working copy of the old production 6.0.2 server running in a private network on a VM with faked DNS entries, then upgrade that to latest 6.0.15 32 bit, transfer that to a 64 bit version 6.0.15 following the Wiki instructions, then upgrade that to latest v7. If that all works out I would then do that to production on the real hardware... but to test my migration out I need a "fake" copy of the current production server (that works)