Hi all,

Having a problem with full backups hanging and causing Zimbra to be unavailable on the affected server. Incrementals work fine. I've tried running the full backups manually with the debug output and it always seems to stall on my mailbox:

[zimbra@zimbra sessions_tmp]$ zmbackupquery | head
Started: Thu Nov 23 15:26:35 GMT 2006
Redo log sequence range: 121 .. 121
Currently backing up account matt@adomain.com
4 out of 10 accounts have been backed up

36M ./full-20061123.152635.049

It just sits there saying the same thing with the session_tmp directory not increasing in size. Top shows the box as being idle.

After a while the UI stops working - its unable to open messages.

I'm unable to abort the backup although it gives me no feedback from the abort command. I have to issue a zmcontrol stop and start, then its ok again. If I run a full backup straight after this, it works

Can't see anything obvious in the logs. Does anyone have any useful suggestions?