I was in the process of creating a test environment of our current production server. I created a copy of the server in vmware and then attempted to rename the test copy of the zimbra using the rename utility provided in zimbra. All seeded to go ok but when I went to check the live zimbra server is was effected by the rename I did on the test server. Searching up and down the forums I tried a number of things to fix the issue. Basically the issue seemed to be associated with the certificates. Finally I gave up and reinstalled zimbra using the upgrade option.

This seemed to get me in a better place than I was before. All the zimbra services appeared to start, I could access webmail and zimbra admin. However I now had two server entries in the admin section. The test and original hostnames.

All the services on the newly created test server/hostname never start, all the services on the original server start except for MTA. when I try to send an email I receive the message: "system failure: Unable to get SMTP session for [com.zimbra.cs.account.ldap.LdapAccount"

Trying to run a change hostname using the /zmsetservername utility does not work.

Any guidance or help is greatly appreciated.