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Thread: Outlook and Thunderbird, Drafts, Incoming and Sent Items

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    Question Outlook and Thunderbird, Drafts, Incoming and Sent Items

    Hi all!

    I'm using Zimbra Release 6.0.10_GA_2692.DEBIAN5_64 UBUNTU8_64 FOSS edition. It's a sweet combination of software, and I'm glad that it continues to be available in an Open Source / Community Edition for small companies and startups!

    We do not use Zimbra Outlook Connector - it seems to be available for the Network edition only. All accounts are IMAP accounts.

    I hope there's someone out there who can point me in the right direction:

    Two clients of mine, they are brothers, started experiencing problems with their Zimbra mail accounts since a couple of days.

    The first brother is running Thunderbird, and his Drafts suddenly don't show up anymore. They are saved though, and visible from the web-client. We tried emptying the trash and re-indexing twice on the Server, it did not solve his problem. Today I tried deleting all files in the drafts folder (called "Entwürfe" in German), and tried to synchronise and compress the folders as advised in Mozillazine, tried changing synchronisation options.
    Please note, that this folder "Entwürfe" shows up twice in the clients folders. One probably has been setup by Outlook Express or something like that earlier on. One is Zimbra's very own drafts folder being translated to "Entwürfe" in German.

    I even tried updating Thunderbird to the newest version (11.0). All in vain, the problem still persists:

    As you can see, the "spinner" spins, the sand-clock is shown, but the messages are not downloaded.

    These messages still are accessible from the web, though. And as you can see, the other drafts have been deleted - there should be no "blocking" message here now, anymore, right?

    Here's a screenshot of me compressing all folders (which was advised in the Mozillazine):

    I finally "solved" the problem by changing Thunderbird's drafts folder to the other drafts folder "Entwürfe", and removing the subscription to the original drafts folder (also called "Entwürfe" - an automatical translation by Thunderbird probably).

    Does anyone know why this problem occurs, and how to solve it without resorting to dirty tricks?

    The second brother is running Outlook, and an iPhone. He's got different problems:
    • incoming messages do not show up in Outlook, they are visible in the webclient
    • sent items only show up on the client used to send them (either iPhone or Outlook or webmail

    We tried re-indexing twice, too - and I've seen a lot of traffic on my server while he is synchronising his mails. He says that he sees the number of messages (5048) showing up for a brief time, but his account stays empty.

    I've searched through the available messages in the forum, and on the Internet, and picked up a couple of clues already.

    • There may be a "broken" message, which blocks the synchronisation, maybe the same message for both brothers?
    • The Outlook database locally may be broken. I have advised the customer today to create a new test Profile for Outlook, and to setup the account again in the test profile.
    • There may be a problem with the sheer volume of messages, and total size ?

    Does anyone know, how to fix these synchronisation problems between Outlook, the iPhone and the webclient?

    Both accounts are really huge on the server - about 3 and 4 GB.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Red face Outlook problem solved partially

    Today, the client reported that it actually had been a misconfiguration - Sent items were stored on a different server (another e-mailaccount). Now it seems to be working properly.

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