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Thread: Not able to see the mail id in zmaccts

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    Default Not able to see the mail id in zmaccts

    Hi All

    I am not able to see the mail id creted by us through "zmaccts" command where as we can see it by "zmprov"

    Please help us to resolve this.

    zimbra@mail root]$ zmaccts | grep
    [zimbra@mail root]$

    zimbra@mail root]$ zmprov ga
    # name
    cn: Sudhendu Bhattacharjee
    displayName: Mahesh Patil
    givenName: mahesh
    objectClass: organizationalPerson
    objectClass: zimbraAccount
    objectClass: amavisAccount
    sn: Bhattacharjee
    uid: mahesh.patil444
    userPassword: VALUE-BLOCKED
    zimbraAccountStatus: active
    zimbraAdminAuthTokenLifetime: 12h
    zimbraAllowAnyFromAddress: FALSE
    zimbraArchiveAccountDateTemplate: yyyyMMdd
    zimbraArchiveAccountNameTemplate: ${USER}-${DATE}@${DOMAIN}.archive
    zimbraAttachmentsBlocked: FALSE
    zimbraAttachmentsIndexingEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraAttachmentsViewInHtmlOnly: FALSE
    zimbraAuthTokenLifetime: 25m
    zimbraBatchedIndexingSize: 20

    Pls help us to resolve this issue..

    Mahesh patil
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    Hi Guys,

    Even I am also facing the same issue. After doing basic analysis I observed that if email ID is having more than 34 characters then its not getting display under "zmaccts". Is there any character limit ? If yes how can we increase it ?

    We have provided customized admin console to user where we used "zmaccts" command to display the all accounts but due to this limit most of the email IDs are not getting displayed and user is not getting full report.
    Please help ...


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