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Thread: ZCS upgrade process

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    Default ZCS upgrade process

    Dear experts
    I have 4 zcs servers, 2 in Taiwan(LDAP in 1, MTA/Mailbox in 1), 2 in the US(LDAP Replica in 1, MTA/Mailbox in 1). The zcs version are all 7.1.1, and I want to upgrade it to 7.1.4.

    Due to non stop email working requirement from my boss, I want to upgrade LDAP to 7.1.4 first and upgrade the other servers 1 day after.

    That means LDAP server is 7.1.4, the other zcs servers are 7.1.1.
    Does that may cause operation problem?

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    Hello Experts
    Release notes said I have to stop all the servers before upgrading.
    That means our email service will stop for 1hr before my servers(4 servers) are totally upgraded.
    Can I upgrade only 1 server on each day? I don't want my email service stop so long.

    "Multi-Server Environment Upgrade Steps
    Before you begin, stop all the servers in your ZCS environment. To do this, on
    each server, as zimbra type zmcontrol stop.
    Important: Upgrade the servers in the following order: LDAP server, MTA
    server, and then mail store server. The LDAP master server should be running
    as you upgrade the other servers.

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