Dear all, I have a strange behavior with resources.

In my server i have 4 domains, all of them are asociated with the same active directory for authentication.

When i install the server and configured domains we don't notice if the problem exist from the beggining, but now we need to use calendar resources and they don't appear in the search resources windows or in autocompletion. But typing the full address of the resource in the text box, the resource is correctly reserved.

After some long proves, including coping data to a pre-production server (130 GB on mail boxes) upgrading from 7.0.1 to 7.1.4 on this pre-production server, I notice that the problem persist.

After this proves, i create a domain (also asociated to same active directory) and the resources of this domain correctly shown in the search windows and autocompletion for accounts on this domain.

I have a unique COS for all domains.

What can i do to resolve this issue?, is a very important function we need.

Actually, in the original server (ZCS 7.0.1) the new domains resources works correctly, the problem is with older domains.

Thank you all for your help.