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Thread: migrating active directory users

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    Default migrating active directory users


    I have a running zimbra (community edition) and integrated it into our active directory for authentication.

    Now i want to migrate all AD users to zimbra.
    But the migration only migrates the users with their names, other entries like phone numbers and company are not migrated!
    Is it a configuration issue?

    2) in the migration process theres an option for changing a password per user or define a general password for all users. I want to use the AD authentication? what happens if i use a default password for all users?

    3) In the admin webinterface i am able to define if a user is able to use "settings" tab and if a autoresponder is allowed.
    if i deny the "settings" tab, how can a user set the autoresponder?!

    Thank you

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    Same situation for me with phone numbers etc. Were you be able to solve it? How?!

    Other thing that is happening to me is that I'm not being able to migrate user grups. No matter how I build the ldap query using the migration wizard, user grups are just not migrated. Did you face something like that?

    Thank you!

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