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Thread: Help publishing ZCS on the web

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    Exclamation Help publishing ZCS on the web

    Hello wonderful community!
    I'm at my first Zimbra installation and I need some tips.

    I had no problem installing the suite and making it work to receive mails. I used this guide: Zimbra setup - part 1 of 2 - YouTube

    THAT'S MY PROBLEM: How can I publish my zimbra server on the web and make it accessible from everywere? By now I could only manage to make it work on my LAN..
    How should I set my DNS (in the server and in the public domain) to make it work?

    That's may parameters (to make it easier for you guys to help me):
    Public Static IP (provided by ISP):
    Public domain (not hosted by my ISP):
    Zimbra server FQDN:
    Zimbra server private IP:

    Thanks for your time!

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    Did you read anything about a Split DNS (you should) during your search of the forums and wiki?


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    I did. I also read the "split dns" article in the zimbra wiki.
    I just don't understand were should I use my PUBLIC IP, or how should I set the DNS record on the hosted public domain...

    I hope I've explained myself..

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    There was a problem with the NAT. Now everything is working just fine!

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