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Thread: zimbra problem with ajax interface

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    Default zimbra problem with ajax interface

    Hello everybody !

    First, i don't know if it's the good section of the forum and i apologize if it's the wrong section for this . Let me tell you my problem

    my company has rented Zimbra's maixboxes. When we connect to the web interface of zimbra (with internet network acces), we can't load the ajax interface of zimbra because after login it blocks with the Zimbra LOGO so it's work only with the HTML interface.

    But, when we're connected on an external network out of this company, the both web interface (ajax and HTML) works fine.

    I looked my firewall and it allowed the website of my mailboxes.

    Someone can help me ? It's very important.


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    Are you using the same machine on the internal and external networks? Have you tried an alternative browser on the internal network?

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