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Thread: Moving Ham from Junk to Subfolder Question

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    Default Moving Ham from Junk to Subfolder Question

    (I did try searching for a bit before posting)

    I have a user that uses subfolders extensively. My spam filter is trained pretty well, however there are still the occasional issues with false positives. This user has been in the habit of moving these false positives straight to a subfolder instead of to the inbox (she uses an IMAP client, and not the web interface).

    Here is my question: when ham is moved from the junk folder to a subfolder, is a copy still sent to the ham e-mail address? Or does that only happen if it is moved to the inbox first and then filed away into a subfolder?


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    I *think* it's the moving it out of the Junk folder that triggers the email, but I'm not positive. There's an easy way to test it though. "tail -f /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log | grep $username" on the server that user is hosted on (replace $username with their actual username on the command line). Then watch and have them move something to a subfolder and see if it generates an email. I know those emails show up in mailbox.log when they get sent because I've seen it happen before when I've moved my own stuff out of Junk in the past (but I've always moved back to the inbox).

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    Okay, it looks like you're correct. I did a tail and when moving to a subfolder, it seems that it is still sending a copy to the ham address...

    2012-04-14 13:40:34,545 INFO [Junk-NotJunk-Handler] [] misc - Sent SpamReport{, mbox=2, msgId=259080, isSpam=false, origIp=null, action=imap copy, srcFolder=/Junk, destFolder=/Inbox/Receipts, destAccount=null,}

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