Hello all, my name is Emilio and this is my first message. I would really appreciate if you could help me urgently.
I installed a couple weeks ago Zimbra Open Source, it really shines.
But we noticed that our people could not send messages through Zimbra when connecting from remote networks (not relaying error).
In Wiki, there is a precise advice on it. Indeed zimbraMtaAuthURL was http:// and zimbraMailMode was https only. So I set again zimbraMtaAuthHost to be the same as it was. Then restarted tomcat alone and whole zimbra.

What happens now is that we can not access the web server in any way. It returns:

sg - Invalid SOAP PDU
method - AjxSoapDoc.createFromXml:2
detail - undefined

Moreover we can not use commands such as zmprov due to similar errors.

Please give me any clue for, at least, returning to prior configuration.

Thank you in advance,
Emilio Arrufat