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Thread: ZMPROV CCR Syntax - Help please

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    Default ZMPROV CCR Syntax - Help please

    We're looking to add a bunch of calendars to a calendar-master account on our Zimbra server, we need them each to be set to public and for them to subscribe to a remote ICS.

    ccr {name@domain} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]

    So, I assume:

    ZMPROV ccr {}

    What I don't know is where to inject the remote ics url, or define this calendar as public, or even name the calendar I'm creating. Which I assume is done here:

    {name@domain} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]

    What I need is a full example of this command, I can then use that to make my own - what I need to do is be able to create a calendar on an account, set it to public, and subscribe it to an ICS (All through ZMPROV)

    Is this possible? The reason is we're using Zimbra as our calendar interface, but the calendars are stored on a different server (Our quickbase db) which produces actively updating ICS files for us.

    (We actually made it do so) And we're trying to basically have a mirror of it in zimbra for displaying information.

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    Not sure if you can do everything with just zmprov...
    Take a look in the attributes file
    cat /opt/zimbra/conf/attrs/zimbra-attrs.xml | grep calendar
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    Here I found

    - Calandar resource creation
    zmprov ccr <Username> <PASSWORD> displayName <FolderName> zimbraCalResType Location zimbraMailTransport smtp:MAILMAN_HOSTNAME:25

    - Creating Calandar on user's account
    zmmailbox -z -m <USERNAME> cf -V appointment -c cyan "/CALENDAR_NAME"

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