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Thread: outofoffice not sent (not direct)

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    Default outofoffice not sent (not direct)

    hi team zimbra,

    I know that there are similar issue already posted here but seems there are no fix yet, though I would just like to revive since Im having similar issue.


    the domain inside the zimbra server is

    the external domain we used is

    since we have multiple site, we need to used the subdomain then just relay to the main mx to the per site server.. since we are located at when someone send to then these will be relayed to as the final recipient, then got the error

    outofoffice not sent (not direct)

    when a certain user set the auto reply.. though sending to, autoreply works.. but email are know to be for

    is there a zmprov adjustment for this.

    config, workarounds...

    please really need help for this.

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    hi all,

    for record purposes, its now fix, what i did.. since my zimbra registered domain is and main or externally seen domain is, I just create an alias domain -- has an alias domain of and the issue is now fix, but making this, make sure that there is a lookup so that when emailing users that final destination is not the zimbra server, like what I have, I have other email server that the main domain is but the server is say, the zimbra should be able to know that the certain user that does not exist locally will be delivered to the correct server.

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    I will mark this as solve later but will observ for now if issue may arise.

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