We are using Zimbra Release 6.0.8_GA_2661.RHEL5_64_20100820052503 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition.

Facing issue with Zimbra central address book.

While using Zimbra webmail client it is searching "local address book" first and stops their if match is found though I have checked "Initially search the Global Address List when using the contact picker" in preferences for address book.

This has the following effect:

We have various aliases for Helpdesk like facility_helpdesk, IT_helpdesk, Design_helpdesk, etc. The names of the alias describes the purpose of the alias and user can send the email to appropriate alias for getting the appropriate help.

If a user has any contact with word 'helpdesk' in his local address book, then the available contacts list doesn't show any alias from the 'Global Address List' but instead shows only the local contact containing the word 'helpdesk' when user tries to type "Help" into the "To:" field of the message he is composing.

So, user doesn't have any clue now about which other helpdesk contacts are available to him in the global contact list to send the email to. Now if the user deletes the local contact containing the word 'helpdesk' then everything works fine and the user could see all the available contacts while typing "Help" into the "To:" field of the message he is composing.

Please let us know whether it is a bug or is it by design.