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Thread: Release 7.2 - RHEL5_64 being deprecated ?

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    Do you have any instruction how to migrate zcs open source from rhel5 to rhel6?
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    there are a few articles on the wiki which you could look at:

    Moving ZCS to New Server - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Category:Server Move - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdybik View Post
    Hi Folks,

    Painful, I know. There are some really good improvements in RHEL6 (tickless timer, dynamic hugepages) That improve performance and scaling of Zimbra when compared to RHEL5. Great work by RedHat IMO, including these capabilities in their Linux distro!

    When Zimbra 8 ships (this year) we'll be supporting 3 major versions of Zimbra at the same time. This creates a huge support and testing matrix for us with all the distros and versions within these distros that we were supporting. To help us slim this down to put more emphasis on quality/stability, not to mention Zimbra just runs better on RHEL6, we made the decision to reduce the number of versions across the distros we are supporting in Zimbra 8.

    I hope this helps at least explain what we're doing.

    Firstly, thank you for responding. There has been a very noticeable and sad lack of engagement from product marketing for the past number of months.

    While I appreciate the basic sentiment - and the desire to simplify/reduce the testing process, etc. - pulling support from RHEL5 is a pretty big jump.

    There is no in-place upgrade path from RHEL5 - 6 so you are basically forcing people into a forklift upgrade if they want to go to zimbra 8. To my mind - if someone is going to have to do a forklift upgrade anyway - they are far more likely to look around at all the alternative systems on the market at the time so the risk of customer defections becomes greatly increased.

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    Although Red Hat doesn't recommend or support it, they provide a document on how to do an in-place upgrade: Chapter*37.*Upgrading Your Current System

    Obviously I have no way of personally evaluating or recommending this procedure for Zimbra users.

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