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Thread: Fileas Contacts address book

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    Default Fileas Contacts address book

    I have searched the forums and noticed that there have been some requests for this but i still don't see a solution.


    I have a user who has a IPhone, using zimbra and the outlook connector, when a contact is added via the IPhone to the zimbra address book the contact is syncd using the zimbra default fileas of lastname,first name. Issue is the IPhone is set to store the contact as firstname lastname, outlook is set to fileas/display as firstname lastname but zimbra doesn't seem to care. In outlook it displays as "lastname,firstname" the zimbra default, but if you edit the contact it states the displayas and fileas is set to firstname lastname..

    This issue is one of many we have had with this particular client but seems to have become the straw that broke the camels back! I know there is no GUI setting to change the default setting but is there a command line option I can apply to this user?

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    No one has any suggestions? I really don;t want this to be a zimbra support ticket!

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