Hi all,

I ve a Zimbra Community Server 7.1.3 installed on an Debian 5.04 / 64Bit.

Suddenly my disk crashed (read errors on bad blocks ) and now I m trying to restore the zimbra-dir.

My questions:

1) I found a lot of "howto's" for backup and recover and other nice stuff, but for zimbra version 4 or 5, sometimes version 6. Are this infomations valid for the new 7.xx version? Or are there many differences between the old and the new zimbra? has someone an up-to-date link-tip for this topic?

2) I dont know what are the correct english words to start a search: I want to know, which part of /opt/zimbra-dir is easy replacable (from an clean installation or a backup) and which dirs includes some individual properties or the changings happens on zimbras life. The store-dir and conf-dir is easy - they are important But there seems to be some other folders, containing important stuff.

Background for the last question is, that I ve to patch my corrupt /opt/zimbra with an 14-days old backup. For example the jetty-dir was corrupt. So I want to replace it from an clean installation (or from my backup). I dont know, if all the other folders are ok, so I want to replace all the stuff I can replace without destroying the users (or admins ) data.

Thanks for your help