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Thread: Is there a way to print all contacts in the GAL

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    Default Is there a way to print all contacts in the GAL

    Is there any way to print all contacts in the GAL.

    I have just enabled a secretary/admin assistant to be able to update Zimbra users contact details.

    She loves the ability to update the GAL instead of an Excel spreadsheet with contact details.

    She would like to be able to print off everyone's name with phone number.

    Is this possible from within either the Admin console, or within the Zimbra client/web client?

    Thanks in advance.
    Release 7.2.4_GA_2900.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition.

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    By creating the galsync account you can create an addressbook with all gal accounts in a normal user addressbook that can be exported in csv and/or printed as you prefer.
    Federico Bertola
    CTO @ StudioStorti

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